A few hours can change a life.

Kris’ Story

The path to an expungement:
a client’s journey

We’re making expungement’s promise a reality for Michiganders who have earned a second chance.

Let's Work Together!

What You Need

Michigan law license
A little bit of time
Willingness to learn

What You Do

Take case referrals
Staff expungement fairs
Screen criminal records

How Legal Aid Helps

Training and resources
One-on-one support
Pre-screened cases with assembled filing documents

Many Ways to Help

We want you to change lives and feel happy about doing it. We offer different ways to volunteer, including with fixed time commitments.

Take a Pro Bono Case

Expungement boils down to a three-step process, and typically is not time-intensive. Step one: meet with a client and assess their criminal records. Step two: complete and file an expungement application. Step three: attend an expungement hearing.

Volunteer at an Expungement Event

This is a limited time commitment, and we will train you. Join us for a few hours, or all day! Meet with pre-screened registrants at a community expungement fair and help them complete expungement applications. Or, join LAWM staff at a community education event, where we provide information about expungement. You will be out in the community and working right beside us!

Screen Criminal Records

Do it on your own time, remotely or in-person with other volunteers! You will review criminal records (ICHATS) and other records to determine a person’s eligibility for expungement. We will train you on the process and support you.

Sign up as a Legal Aid of Western Michigan volunteer, and we’ll follow up with you. Thank you!